Let Sleeping Moms Lie.

Oh Wow! If Tony Emms from Cresswell, Northumberland was not already spoken for, he would find his own nap times disturbed by the banging of many appreciative women on his door. Here is a man who has finally managed to navigate his way through the dirty dishes, scattered toys and general chaos to a startling new discovery: Raising a healthy and happy child, while also trying to maintain a happy and healthy relationship is an exhausting business that relies on quick naps rather than a full night’s sleep to sustain it.

Contrasting Commitment

Tony Emms posted a picture of his young son and girlfriend looking peaceful and content as they napped together. Judging by his statement, ‘I come home from working and get annoyed that I have to tidy up…’, this study of cuddly contentment and serenity is in stark contrast to the rest of the home. So, why is he not feeling as resentful today? By his own admission, he has been thinking lately ‘…what this amazing woman does while I’m out.’ His assumption has always been that ‘…she just sits with the baby and watches TV and has a chilled day’. Now however, he takes the time to consider her actions from the time she (and baby) wakes up.

The Fictional Fantasy

Many fathers who have stay-at-home wives are under the mistaken impression that once the good woman has taken care of their breakfast and seen them off to work, she returns to the comfort of their bed for a further luxurious lie-in. This is despite their offspring screaming its demands for attention in the background. After all, she only has to change a nappy and plonk some food in baby’s mouth for peace and quiet to resume. Then it only requires dancing around the house with a feather duster and vacuum cleaner and throwing some laundry into an AUTOMATIC washer to free-up most of her day. Why is it then such a crime for hubby to expect a tidy house and a well-prepared meal when he returns from his difficult day at work?
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