Leyna The Miracle Baby

The bubble-blowing baby Any expectant mother would hope that each scan during her pregnancy would bring good news, as the birth of her much-wanted baby approaches. Imagine the fright one mother had when her ultrasound scan revealed that the tiny little baby girl inside her womb appeared to be blowing a bubble! You won't be surprised to hear that this expectant mum, Tammy Gonzales, broke out in a cold sweat! Tammy, who comes from Miami in the US, was in the 17th week (i.e. the third trimester) of her pregnancy, which had been normal up to this point. She went into hospital to have a routine scan and this was where the highly unusual bubble was detected. The bubble, which appeared to be coming out of the baby’s mouth, was there on the scan image like a giant alien popping out of nowhere.
An accurate description would liken it to the shape of a peach. However, this was no friendly, harmless bubble by any stretch of the imagination. As doctors took a closer look, they realised it was a very rare kind of tumour, made up of different types of tissues and cells. Given this very serious diagnosis, which threatened the life of the baby and posed risks to Tammy, the doctors didn't hesitate to recommend a termination of the pregnancy.Leyna the miracle baby Under normal circumstances, at 17 weeks this would have been unthinkable, but the situation was exceptional. Had Tammy carried on with the pregnancy, the likelihood of miscarriage or having a baby with disabilities was very high. However, Tammy couldn't bear the thought of having to abort her baby and so she asked doctors if there was anything they could possibly do to save the unborn little girl.
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