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Life After People, What We Leave Behind.

If humans disappeared, what would happen to our planet? Well...

The Lights Will Go Out And The Animals Will Break Free!

First off, the power plants will eventually run out of fuel without humans to keep them running, usually within a few days, which means that they will shut down. Obviously, without power plants to keep the electrical grid running the lights would go out, electrical fences would shut down, indeed anything that relies on electricity to run will simply stop working. There is a small handful of exceptions to this whereby the power plants are run from renewable sources, like the Hoover Dam power plant, but, actually, right across the globe electricity will stop being produced within a few short weeks of our disappearance. Because of this, animals that are kept behind electrified fences and enclosures will eventually figure out that they can break free and then they will do so in search of food. It is estimated that around 1 billion pigs, 1.5 billion cows and 20 billion chickens will make their break for freedom into the wild. Unfortunately, many of them won't last long without humans to feed them and carnivorous animals, like lions, tigers and hyenas that escape from zoos, also on the loose looking for their next meal.

Say Goodbye To Our Furry Friends, Or At Least Most Of Them

Next, the animals that rely on humans for their survival will start to decline in number or die out completely. It isn't until we start thinking about the impact that we have on the planet that we realise just how much we affect the various species of animals around us, both directly and indirectly. Rats, mice and cockroaches all rely on us to provide food waste for them to pick through and consume. Our pets and domesticated animals have become used to us taking care of them, so without us to provide their food and shelter, many of them will die out very quickly either from starvation and illness, or from falling prey to other animals. Cats and dogs might stand a chance for a while, especially with 20 billion chickens running around, but they will also decline in number once the wild cats and dogs start to move into the towns and cities. It is also possible that some other types of domesticated animals, like horses and donkeys, will manage to survive in the wild. However, some species will die out completely because their existence is so dependent on us that our disappearance prevents them from existing and reproducing, think headlice.
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