Life Swap - How The Humble Homeless Have So Much To Give


Lending a helping hand

Greg Smith, a twenty-five year old salesman who works in Orlando, Florida, is just a regular guy who commutes to his office in the down-town area every day. On his journey, he regularly passes a homeless community and gets asked for money or food by the poor people. He was struck by one lady who never asked him for anything but greeted him with a warm smile and a wish for him to have a good day. Her good cheer was so infectious that on one occasion when he was in the area and had some free time, he decided to become acquainted with the lady. The woman in question turned out to be forty-eight year old Amy Joe who hails from the UK. Greg Smith asked Amy Joe to share lunch at his expense, and the two began to learn a lot about their very different lives.

Hope for the future

The pair began to meet for lunch on a regular basis, but it wasn't until their third appointment that Greg Smith began to get to know the real Amy Joe. She shared with him her deep love for literature and books and how much she wanted to be able to read them. While she isn't completely illiterate, Amy explained she had reading problems and being homeless made it an issue that couldn't be resolved. Greg Smith was moved by this revelation, especially as he happened to have a copy of Josh Hamilton's Beyond Belief on his person. He's now teaching her how to read novels and even started an online funding project to help her get back on her feet in every respect. It's a heart-warming reminder to us all how one small deed can make all the difference.
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