Life Swap - How The Humble Homeless Have So Much To Give


The plight of the homeless

Ever since the arrival of the great depression in 2007, the world has never seen such an epidemic of homelessness as it does today. While economists go to great lengths to reassure us that the dark days are over, homelessness continues to be a big issue. The reason there is so many people living on the streets is a complex one, and often remains hidden, as ordinary people who still struggle to keep up mortgage repayments tend to keep this problem a secret. Financial distress can push people over the edge, and many don't confide their problems due to shame. Even those who have the courage to ask for help often find their immediate family or friend circle can't help as they too are battling to stay in their homes.

Causes of homelessness

Contrary to popular belief, people who become homeless are not always drug-addicted drop outs of society who live off state benefits. Many professional people who have degrees and qualifications and lengthy CV's can suddenly find themselves in financial difficulty. The global fiscal collapse was unprecedented and nobody could have predicted the crash and subsequent effects on employment and debt management. While spending and borrowing spiralled out of control, many re-mortgaged their homes to carry out home repairs thinking the good times were going to last forever. The crash that followed the boom forced many families into courts where banks pressured for repossession or voluntary surrender. As there was no regulations in place, many succumbed to the inevitable and suddenly found themselves homeless. While we're all aware of the problem, many of us can only help with small gestures, such as the one made by Greg Smith in Florida.
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