Lifesaver! How A Pregnancy Test Saved One American Man

For women, a pregnancy test is an important tool: it can tell her quickly what her future is likely to hold. It can also let her know whether she's going to have to think about buying baby clothes. But what would happen if a man took a pregnancy test? Many people joke about this, but for one American man recently, the test proved to be no laughing matter. After picking up an unused test that his girlfriend had left behind in their bathroom, he decided to take it himself for a laugh. He was shocked to discover that the result was positive!

A real mystery

At first, the unnamed guy thought he must have read the result wrongly - whoever heard of a man becoming pregnant? Many women have suggested that, if they did, they'd be more careful - but that wasn't the issue here. The man decided to ask his friends on the Internet what they thought, so he posted his story and waited for the replies to roll in.
As you'd expect, a lot of the comments he got were less than serious, teasing him that he must be less of a man than he thought he was! One person, though, made a much more serious suggestion.

The comment worth its weight in gold

Very soon, the story had gone viral. People flooded to the board where the man had posted his question and soon there were over 1,300 replies. But even though his one, simple question posted online had brought so many responses, the guy homed in on one particular answer as being something he needed to think about straight away. The reason? The commenter told him - and everyone else reading - that there was another reason why a pregnancy test might throw up a positive reading even when it seemed impossible: it could be a sign of testicular cancer.
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