Liquid Of Life - The Benefits Of Black Tea


Stress and strain

Herbal teas are renowned for their soothing and calming qualities, but not many people know how good black tea can be when consumed in moderate quantities. The Chinese call black tea Hong Cha, and they've been using it for forever and a day as an aid for anxiety and stress. Black tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is renowned for its relaxation properties and it's said to help with poor concentration too. Because it has a high concentrate of caffeine it helps blood circulation without increasing the heartbeat. This has a duel-effect on the body; it releases good energy and promotes a sense of harmony and balance. Tannins found in black tea are great for the immune system and they promote healthy working digestive systems all which restore the body to its natural peaceful state.

Reducing risk of major illness

Black tea can be used as a preventative medicine as well as an alternative one. The natural phytochemicals can produce strong, healthy bone structure and help ease conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. There's also evidence to suggest that people who regularly drink black tea have 70% less chance of developing diabetes. Polyphenols which are found in black tea are natural antioxidants which are capable of ridding the body of toxic chemicals. These same antioxidants are said to prevent and reduce some types of cancers although research is still in its infant stages. There have also been findings that support the theory that black tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and the possibility of strokes. When one takes all these health benefits into account, it's hard to understand why so many of us don't drink black tea more regularly.

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