Liquid Of Life - The Benefits Of Black Tea


What is black tea?

Black tea is made from the plant Camellia Sinensis where green tea also originates. Black tea goes through a very different fermenting process than green tea called oxidation; the leaves are left to breathe in moist oxygen. The tea is then rolled and heated and dried out and when the process is completed it is black in colour. The end result is a potent caffeine drink that has all kinds of health benefits and many drink it as an alternative medicine. Black tea is becoming more and more popular as it has several components that can benefit general well-being as well as aid with some common medical complaints. Many supermarket brands like Earl Grey or Darjeeling are made from black tea and they have a very powerful and pungent taste. Tea drinking is an ancient art in some countries and its part and parcel of a healthy every day life.

Looking after your teeth

A study carried out by the Tea Trade Health Research Association, found that consumption of black tea can help prevent the formulation of plaque on the enamel of the teeth. Plaque is a leading factor in the development of gum disease, a prevalent trouble spot for many. Gum disease causes teeth to loosen and eventually fall out so keeping them in good condition is paramount. Oral hygiene can really benefit from doses of black tea because it staves off bacteria from getting into the teeth which in turn causes cavities. There are Polyphenols in the composition of black tea and they actively kill bacteria enzymes which protects the enamel from becoming infected and rotting. Considering untreated tooth-decay can lead to widespread gum disease and the loss of all teeth, partaking of a few cups of black tea and sticking to a good oral care regime may help to ward off problems later on.

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