Listen To Your Feet - When Tooties Tell A Tale

Our feet are something we take for granted and without them we wouldn't be able to get around. We put our feet through the daily stresses and strains and don't even think to glance down and check if they're still there. Considering we stand on them for at least fifteen hours a day, maybe we should show them a little more respect. Unfortunately, most of us don't even acknowledge their presence until it's summer time, and we have to expose them to the public at large. Our feet are often put through the mill. They support our weighty bodies, provide balance and direction and get us from A to B. While we know all about their essential and fundamental functions, do we really appreciate how intelligent they are?

According to podiatrist, Jake Heath, from One Wellness Clinic in Wimpole Street, London, we don't pay enough attention to what our feet have to say. There are certain features and symptoms that point towards a variety of underlying illnesses.

The feet can often act as potential portals; an in-built alarm system that provides a sneak preview into our current state of health. Considering they house almost a quarter of our bones in total, and that they are directly connected to major organs like the heart and brain, we really should give them a thorough examination every now and then. Here's six red flags that might suggest something sinister is afoot.


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