Little Ayeeshia Stamped To Death At The Age Of Just 21 Months.

The people of Burton on Trent in Staffordshire were shocked to hear details of the death of pretty toddler Ayeeshia Jane Smith, who was stamped on by her parents. Tragic Ayeeshia suffered a powerful stamp on the chest which caused cardiac arrest. Hospital authorities confirm the tot also had other injuries when she was taken into Queen's Hospital in Burton on 1 May 2014. The cause of death was confirmed as a fatal heart wound together with three broken ribs. The medical post mortem conclusion was that the 21-month-old child had been stamped on while she was lying down. Parents Kathryn Smith and Matthew Rigby were accused of murdering the tiny girl or of cruelty and allowing her death to occur. The court heard evidence of the violent relationship between the couple, with allegations from Kathryn Smith that her partner had made threats to kill her and that he had caused damage to Ayeeshia's cot by setting it alight. Kathryn Smith is aged 23 and Ayeeshia had previously been taken into social services care and was returned to Smith just six months prior to her death. Matthew Rigby is 22 years of age, and the couple are both from the Nottingham area.
The authorities were only advised about Ayeeshia's injuries when Kathryn Smith called the 999 emergency services to advise that her daughter was barely breathing. One neighbour in the block of flats said she frequently heard loud noises and shouting from the Britannia Drive flat the couple shared with daughter Ayeeshia. The neighbour, Tracey Roberts, told the court that prior to the death of Ayeeshia she heard loud shouts and screaming and also another voice, she took to be Ayeeshia's. The child's tiny voice was heard to cry out, "Stop mummy, stop daddy" before the row turned to silence. In the weeks leading up the death of Ayeeshia, Kathryn Smith made three 999 calls to the police on the emergency telephone line. These calls were in the evening of 11 March, and twice on 4 April 2014 in the early hours of the morning. Smith had told police that Rigby planned to self harm himself by cutting so that she would get the blame. She also told the police that Rigby planned to have her killed. Smith and Rigby have now separated and both of them deny the murder of Ayeeshia. The tot was found to have additional bruising on her buttocks and back, head, neck, eyelid and left leg when she was examined in the post mortem.

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