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Looking For A Lucrative Career? Try Sorting Chicks

What if you had a job offer paying €85 000 per year with no formal educational requirements? Those kinds of jobs don’t come by very often, but in England there is one such job (and no it isn’t one of those shady types): sorting newborn chicks by sex. Known as “chicken sexers” these employees are able to determine the sex of a newborn chick in three to five seconds. Sounds simple, right? But in actuality it’s not an easy profession. The job does take some time to perfect and you will have to stay within the confines of a warehouse full of chicks for hours on end (and the smell is not pleasant). Very few people can do that. Employees identify the animal’s sex by looking carefully at the genitals, but this has to be done quickly and accurately.
After the chick’s sex is identified the employee will place it in one of two groups: males and females. The chicks that are identified as female will be groomed for egg production. The male chicks, unfortunately, are not so lucky. Being of little economic value they are slaughtered immediately. Many consumers are unaware of this cruel practise and it is also for this reason the trade attracts few people. Those who are willing to take on the job have to be in it for the long haul if they want to be successful. It takes three years to perfect the craft, and new employees are typically placed with a seasoned chicken sexer for that period of time. The trainee has to learn how to observe the chick’s genitals, and given their incredibly small size, that is not easy.
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