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Love And Support During Depression And Mental Illness

Gone are the days when stigma was attached to mental health problems. We now recognise and discuss this openly, since it affects up to 1 in 4 of the population and an estimated 12 million American women. One woman decided to share her story about depression on the social networking site Imgur because she wanted to draw attention to how much her husband has helped her in small ways that have made such a huge difference. Mental illness is triggered by all kinds of reasons, including stress, trauma, life events, physical illness and individual genetic characteristics as well as a deficiency in the way the brain works which just leads us to feel 'bad' or 'blue'. The outcomes can be devastating to someone's life and can range from addiction, relationship breakdown, loss of self-esteem, dangerous or reckless behaviours.

Molly’s story

Molly had suffered past trauma and, by her own admission, battled with low self esteem and inability to deal with many of the common challenges in life such as maintaining a career/job, friendships and relationships. She was a newly wed, but lack of finances had meant that she and her husband hadn’t been able to afford a proper wedding. Molly also knew that she didn't always treat her husband with the love and respect she wanted to give him because of what was going on in her head. Things came to a head when Molly returned from a business trip mentally and physically exhausted and on the edge of meltdown. What Molly didn't know what that her husband had prepared the best homecoming surprise for her and had done this in such a simple and loving way that it took her breath away.
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