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Some of life’s most precious moments are able to be captured and preserved for the future, whether that be reminiscing over old times or handing memories down to future generations. Such is the case with a wedding, which is one of the most momentous occasions in life, treasured by every loving couple and their immediate families. A wedding is an occasion that has considerable time, money, emotion, thought and feeling invested into it so who wouldn’t want the very best for this biggest of family events, including having everything absolutely perfect to the tiniest detail. Understandably, therefore, presentation is a key factor in organising a wedding, both in the appearance of the venue and also how the couple will look on the day. Their intention will be to look stunning, particularly for the still photographs and the video.

Matt and Hannah

This is the story of one couple who wanted to set themselves some challenging goals to achieve the very best for their big day. Matt and Hannah were very much in love like any young couple but Matt, who worked as a chef, also had another love in his life – his food!Matt and Hannah As a professional chef, he was constantly surrounded by food and the temptations in his world had caused him to put on weight to the extent that, weighing in at about 155kg, he was at least 40kg overweight. Matt knew he wanted to change this to feel more at ease with his body, have more energy and vitality, and also look great for his wedding day with Hannah.

Support when needed

Loyal wife-to-be Hannah pledged to help Matt in his weight loss quest. Although not very overweight herself, she decided she’d follow the ‘diet’ with Matt to support him and see where it lead her.Support when needed The diet was quite radical in the sense that they cut out all ‘unhealthy’ foods they had previously consumed that were high in fat, sugar, salt and calories, also swapping processed foods for simple fresh alternatives.
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