Magical Moments - Five Favourite Tricks Unveiled


The levitation hoax

Periodically, we are presented with newsfeed photos claiming to demonstrate authentic levitation events and they can cause much debate and discussion. Again, the art of optical illusion is at play here and the photos usually contain an item that viewers casually overlook. Remember, magical tricks are more about the art of deception and it's always in the smaller details. Whether it's a photo you're examining or a live act you've witnessed, levitation is achieved by the use of an extended stick which is cleverly camouflaged. The stick is attached to a strong support and can move up or down giving the impression that the person is actually floating. Now that you know the details, go and check some of those old photos you've seen. Carefully examine the backgrounds too because you'll see they don't match up with what should be in the background when the person moves upwards. It's probably been photo-shopped.

Disappearing glass

We do love to see things disappear right before our very eyes, but how often does it really happen? A firm favourite magician's trick is to place a glass or cup on a handkerchief on top of a table, mumble some magical meanderings or touch it with that all important wand. Suddenly, the cup or glass appears to have vanished into thin air. The handkerchief actually has a wire mesh sewn into the cloth which creates the illusion that the glass or cup is still there. In fact, there's a hole in the table right under the same spot and the glass slips into that space. Experts who perform this trick draw our attention to the false shape of the cup or glass and using the wand makes us concentrate on that even more. Meanwhile, the cup or glass has already slipped into the hole.
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