Magical Moments - Five Favourite Tricks Unveiled


Sawing in two

All magic tricks involve an optical illusion, yet most of these simple deviation tactics go right over our heads. Our obsession with sorcery began centuries ago and our amazement and interest has never waned. Somehow, watching a woman being sawed in half can draw yelps of astonishment, but surely deep down we know quite well it can't be actually happening? Still, it's the mystery that keeps us coming back for more despite the fact that the explanation for these incredible events is readily available to all. We've all seen the oldest magician's trick in the book; sawing a woman in half. The box is constructed and displayed in such a manner that we do not see its depth. The assistant inside simply tucks her legs into one side of the box and as the old saying goes abracadabra; the skulduggery is exposed.

Restoring a torn up banknote

Illusionist professionals learn their trade by studying people. It's not the actual trick that fools the audience but the art of distraction. This skill takes years to perfect and we've all seen the results from greats like Paul Daniels, David Copperfield or Harry Houdini. Their refined tricks of the trade concentrate on split-second diversions that are so simple they just go unidentified by the naked eye. The magician takes special care to get our attention focused in one area while they perform the deception right in front of us. Take the torn up banknote ruse. It's seen to be split in two with a pencil, but the pencil is actually cut in two halves and can be reattached via a magnet at both ends. Yes, you guessed it. The banknote is never torn apart in the first place.
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