Make Sensible Snacking Switches With The Right Nutritional Know-how

What food are you craving most right now? Are you about to nip to the cupboard for a Kit Kat, or a big bag of salty crisps? When your body is telling you to eat junk food it's hard to ignore. So don't ignore it; just change the conversation! Ask your body, "WHY do I want chocolate? WHY am I scoffing mounds of bread again? WHY is that ice cream in the freezer calling my name so sweetly?". You might be surprised at the answer. You could well be lacking in certain minerals or nutrients, and your body is calling out for a top-up. It's actually a good idea to listen to these cravings, but try to satisfy the deficiency in a healthier way than with sugary or salty treats. Read on to discover more.


Let's start with the big one: sweet snacks. Much of the time, cravings call out for cookies, cakes, ice cream, milkshakes, fizzy drinks and sweets. And because it's so cheap, conveniently wrapped, and easy to store, it's so simple to reach for the sugary nibbles rather than stop to think of a more nutritious alternative. If you've got desserts on the mind, you could well be lacking in magnesium, water, or even chromium. Boost these areas with a binge on some lovely, fresh fruit - bananas, grapes, apples, papaya, oranges - whatever you enjoy. It will hydrate you, provide essential nutrients, and the natural sugar content will satisfy your craving while being less detrimental to your health.


Maybe chocolate is the specific sweet thing you're after... Sometimes it feels like nothing else will hit the spot! But actually, you might feel better with any foods containing vitamin B or magnesium, so try munching on a generous handful of sunflower seeds instead.
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