Make Your Own Glow Table!

Glow tables can be a fun weekend project that will really wow your family and friends. What is a glow table, you ask? A glow table is a table which is photo luminescent, which means the parts of the table which are treated will glow in the dark. Making your own Glow Table can be cost-effective and fun, all you need is the right tools and a bit of wood-working knowledge or willingness to learn!

Required Materials

  • Photoluminescent powder (try a craft or hardware store)
  • Clear casting resin (try a craft or hardware store)
  • Pecky Cyprus or other knotty/ridged wood
  • Table legs (unless you are using an existing table)
  • Hand or power saw
  • Sandpaper and sander (or sanding block)
  • A small chisel

1. Cut and Sand

If your piece of wood is not the size or shaped as you want; you will need to cut it to fit your purposes. A good sanding on top will help it keep a smooth surface for putting snacks and drinks on, and make for a nicer place to rest your hands. You can gently remove knots, which do not go all the way through the wood using a small chisel, and you can even chisel designs onto the wood table if you like. Whatever you design will show up glowing in the dark.

2. Brush off the dust

Be sure that your table is clean and clear of sawdust before you start.

3. Prepare the resin

You will need to mix the resin with the photo luminescent powder. The more glow powder you use, the stronger the final appearance will be.

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