Making Bella Better - One Dog's Journey Out Of Hell


The case of Bella

Bella is a beautiful German Shepherd breed and her life was a terrible existence. Continuously chained to the railings of a third-floor balcony of a barren apartment block, the dog was starved and neglected most of the time.
Making Bella better - one dog's journey out of hell
Apart from not getting any proper nourishment, chaining a dog to anything for prolonged periods of time can literally make them go mad. One can only imagine what her days were like when she had nothing for company but a metal pole and the sky above. The poor dog didn't even have any decent shelter in bad weather. In an apartment complex like this, it's easy for a chained dog to go unnoticed and if they are left alone long enough they'll become increasingly silent until they eventually curl up and die. However, Bella's life was so pitiful that she decided she was going to make one final attempt to escape.

The great escape

Bella must have decided at some stage that she was going to die while chained to the railings. In a bid to make one last attempt at escape she tried to free herself by throwing herself off the balcony. Of course, the chain remained around her neck she so she hung suspended in mid air for hours on end, while the metal chain ripped deeper and deeper into her scrawny neck.
Making Bella better - one dog's journey out of hell
Eventually someone passing heard her pathetic yelps and went to her aid, pulling her back up over the balcony railings. Her collar had cut deep into her matted coat and the dog was said to be skin and bone. She was then transported to ESMA where she received the best of treatment on offer. When she had recovered, Bella was flown to the USA to go and live with a new family where she is loved and adored. Bella's journey has been a harrowing one but all's well that ends well.
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