Making Bella Better - One Dog's Journey Out Of Hell


The streets of Cairo

The streets of Cairo, Egypt are no strangers to thousands of wandering animals like stray cats and dogs and even camels and horses. The problem has become an epidemic of sorts with many factors going against the animal's fate. Until recently, Egypt's laws of the land did not not include anything that pertained to animal rights and this has a lot to do with traditional teachings and beliefs. Animals don't get the same treatment as human beings because many believe the poverty and hardship that people face daily should be a priority. As a result, animals frequently fall prey to much abuse and neglect. It's reported that government officials resorted to shooting and mass poisoning of stray animals left abandoned and to care for themselves. While they have become a nuisance and are a health hazard as such, killing these innocent beings surely won't resolve the ongoing and long-term general problem.

About ESMA

The organisation ESMA, (The Egyptian Society for mercy to animals) came together in the year 2007 to try to do something about the inhumane treatment of animals on the streets of Cairo. Their aim is to protect, rehabilitate and find loving homes for discarded, abandoned, abused and sick animals.
Making Bella better - one dog's journey out of hell
The society has two shelters and adoption halls where they strive to treat maligned animals who have been badly abused or simply left to die. They operate solely from whatever donations they can get and the volunteers who work there do so free of charge. They try to provide the animals with the bare minimum; food, shelter and veterinary care. They claim the inhumane attitude to animals is responsible and they want to re-educate the people. A recent story regarding a dog called Bella just might do that.
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