Man Accidentally Sends The Wrong Text To His Wife. Her Reply Is Epic!

Technology has offered us many positives in the last couple decades, one of which has revolutionized communication as a whole. Putting phone calls on the back burner, text messaging is a practical and easy way to get in touch with someone or simply send a quick message without the need to dial their number. Unfortunately, like with most new technology, there are some negatives, too. Once a text message has been sent, it can’t be taken back. Sometimes text can be riddled with mistakes or misinformation, but someone, and even worse, it can be sent to the wrong person entirely. With the lightning fast way some people text and send their messages off, they sometimes forget to even look at who the recipient is. This can cause a lot of problems if they end up in the wrong hands. As seen here, one man made this costly mistake.

A Big Slip-Up

Intending to send a message to his mistress, one man accidentally sent it to his wife. The answer he received was not the one he was hoping for… “Hello, love. I told my wife that I was going to the bar ... I'm coming over” 19:00
“……..” 19:10
“My wife doesn’t know… TRUST ME!” 19:12
“Now I do!!! 19:12
“Unfortunately for you… you have the wrong person” 19:12
“Don’t come home tonight… find somewhere else to sleep” 19:12
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