MARILYN MONROE: "…like An Old Woman Who Had Not Taken Care Of Herself. Unrecognizable."

She’s remembered the world over as one of the most beautiful women ever to grace this earthly plane; her glowing smile lit up the screen in a number of twentieth century films and that same smile probably adorns over a million posters hung in bedrooms in every corner of the planet. However, the description offered by the directors of the funeral home responsible for arranging her burial paints an incredibly… different picture of Marilyn Monroe.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Alan Abbott and Ron Hast recounted their experience of arriving at Ms Monroe’s residence at 5 Helena Drive following her death. “When we removed the sheet that covered her, we could not believe that it was the body of Marilyn Monroe. [Her body] looked like an old woman who had not taken care of herself.” Monroe had been dead for three hours by the time Abbott and Hast arrived, and it is clear from their words that her appearance was less than flawless at this time.MARILYN MONROE like an old woman who had not taken care of herself Unrecognizable Abbott continues to describe the chilling scene that was laid out before them. Monroe, apparently, was lying face down, her face covered in purple blotches that indicated some pretty heavy bruising. Her neck was swollen and her hair frizzed up, with the morticians alleging that patches of dark regrowth confirmed that Monroe had been dyeing her hair for some time. They went on to further elaborate on the big-screen beauty’s unkempt appearance; her legs were unshaven and it was clear that she had had neither a manicure nor a pedicure in quite a while.
The description is certainly a stark contrast to the seemingly irrepressible beauty that Monroe projected throughout her public image; it was immediately apparent that the circumstances surrounding her death (from a barbiturate overdose) had wrought a considerable amount of damage to her once-exuberant good looks. Given Monroe’s heightened status within the public domain, her death naturally carried some severe implications and as such the investigation of her body was incredibly thorough: pathologist Thomas Noguchi examined her corpse, and Abbott recalls him searching extensively for injection sites in unusual places – from her nose and under her tongue to even her genitals – but found none anywhere other than under her arms.
Finally, the pair think back to how Monroe’s body was prepared for burial. Long-time makeup man Sydney Guilaroff and Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder arrived to make the iconic movie star presentable. Guilaroff placed a wig on her head, and Snyder applied her makeup one last time.

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