Master Piece Or Master Ruse? - The Spectacle Of Modern Art


Stripes, dots and blocks

Modern and abstract art works, remain interpretive to the eye of the beholder, and perhaps it's just as well. This basically means that I might find a particular work of art extraordinary, while you might despise it.
Master piece or master ruse? - The spectacle of modern art
Neither one of us is wrong (or right) in our formed opinions so nobody ends up feeling like a fool. The artist simply displays the work and the spectator can decide whether they love it or hate it. As modern art leaves the viewer to appraise, the piece will mean different things to different people. A painting that bears a bunch of nondescript stripes, squares or triangles may represent a more aesthetic approach, inviting the onlooker to delve deep into the psyche of the artist and what they are trying to convey. Of course, there are those of us who think modern art is just pure nonsense; pretentious rubbish that means nothing at all.

The case of the spectacles

In an art museum in San Francisco, USA, some teen jokers going by the online names of @TJCruda and @k_vinnn on Twitter, decided to put the modern art craze to the test. The museum was full of unusual pieces so T.J. Khayatan decided to add to it by deliberately placing a pair of ordinary reading glasses on the floor.
Master piece or master ruse? - The spectacle of modern art
There were other famous art pieces close by and they wanted to see what kind of a reaction the spectacles would elicit. Almost immediately, visitors to the museum began to gather around the spectacle of the spectacles, snapping photos of it, pausing and posing as if in deep thought about this great work of art. The teens uploaded snaps of the spectators standing around the glasses, to their Twitter accounts and they soon went viral. We actually thought the spectacles were cool. Did you?
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