Master Piece Or Master Ruse? - The Spectacle Of Modern Art


About modern art

The first thing to remember about modern art is that it isn't modern at all. The term modern was applied to describe anything that deviated from what was traditionally accepted as a work of creative endeavour. Typically we consider these creations to be straight forward paintings that have a subject matter that's easily identifiable. Perhaps, a sculpted piece that represents a figure or shape that we can instantly relate to. Therefore, modern art simply consists of any artistic endeavour that deviates from the tried and tested. As the Western world began to develop and mature in the mid nineteenth century, modern art began to take on a whole new twist, incorporating works that some might consider eccentric, inexplicable and even downright bizarre. Since then, new technology and the industrious ages have created a blank canvas that artists can explore to their hearts delight. With this newly found poetic licence in place, artists all over the world are cashing in.

Introducing abstract art

Obscure and abstract art exhibitions have grown in popularity due to some famous works that started the whole craze. Prolific painters like Wassily Kandinsky and Pablo Picasso, were some of the pioneers in the abstract art movement. Early paintings by both show a marked distance from the normal portrait or landscape as they both introduced aspects of confusion, distortion and the nonsensical to their finished masterpieces. The absence of central subject matter along with bland shades and lack of lustre, lead to an explosion in paintings that resembled blocks of nondescript wood. Interpretation of these works still remains speculative, although they were designed to reflect the times we live in; minimal, sparse, dejected. So, the whole concept of abstract art is driven by one's interpretation, and that interpretation is wholly personal. This was demonstrated beautifully in an art museum in San Francisco recently.
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