Milk Spot Mutiny - 11 Treatments You Can Make At Home


Oatmeal Exfoliator

If you suffer from stubborn milk spots and they seem to gather in a cluster on specific areas of your face, it's worth while checking what products you're using on that part of the skin. Beauty clinics and news columns claim that eye-make-up remover and cleansing wipes are public enemy number one. These items only remove make-up and don't actually clean the area. In other words, they don't open the pores, which means the oil has no way to escape. Exfoliating regularly is also advised and you can make a simply scrub from some oatmeal, raw honey and coarse sugar. Simply mix a few tablespoons of each ingredient and gently massage into the skin. Do this twice weekly. This will help dry out the oil over time and it will restore the skins natural oil production levels.

Lemon Facial

We all know the power of the humble lemon. Lemon water is becoming very popular, especially if taken first thing every morning. Lemon is filled with cleansing agents and particularly good for soaking up excess sebum that gets trapped beneath the skin.
Lemon Facial
Many cleansing products contain active lemon juice and it's even used in washing up liquid and shampoo. This citric friend can really get to grips with greasy skin and those prone to milk spot outbreaks. To make your own scrub at home simply combine two tablespoons of sugar, lemon juice and and some olive oil. Try to use the actual juice from a fresh lemon as this contains antioxidants. Massage the affected areas in gentle circular motions. Rinse clean and apply a moisturiser.

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