Milk Spot Mutiny - 11 Treatments You Can Make At Home


Fenugreek leaf mask

Milia, more commonly known as milk spots, are those pesky white raised bumps that usually appear around the eye and nose area. They are often confused with white-heads but are not the same thing. White-heads are a result of a spot, where infection (pus) gathers beneath the skin and eventually erupts on the face.
Fenugreek leaf mask
These spots are produced when dirt gets clogged in the epidermis and we're all prone to these breakouts. Milk spots are the result of an overproduction of natural sebum (oil) under the skin. It has nowhere to go and so forms a permanent blemish on the skin. Fenugreek leaves come from the Near East and are primarily used as a cooking herb but they also have disinfectant and antioxidant components, making them an ideal base for a facial mask. Simply pulp some leaves with water to form a thick paste and apply to the milk spots. Leave for fifteen minutes and then rinse clean.

Honey heaven

Milk spots can be unsightly for some, even though they don't cause any harm or produce any symptoms. Many people try to remove them by squeezing them, but because they are not actual pimples, this will only result in scarring. The oil is not easy to extract so many resort to professional treatments like electrolysis but there are plenty of natural alternative therapies which can be created and applied at home. Whatever you do, don't attempt to remove the milk spot yourself. If you have some honey lying about the house, preferably raw honey, apply it to the milk spot areas. Honey has antioxidants in its composition and is a great moisturiser to boot. Apply the honey every night for about twenty minutes, for a couple of weeks and see the difference yourself. The honey will draw out the excess oil gradually and gently.

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