Mobiles From The 90's - Five Phones That Can Earn You Money


Nokia 5510

The Nokia 5510 was created in 2001 and the marketing campaign and promotion caused quite a stir among consumers. The model and design shape caught everyones attention as the display was in the centre of the phone and not at the top. This made it look more like a gaming console than an actual mobile phone and was the ultimate men's gadget. The cell came with a speaker phone and headphones and cables which enabled downloading of music from PC's and other devices. The Nokia 5510 had lots of buttons to press and some would say it had too many. It was also awkward when it came to dialling numbers. Still, today you can get up to two hundred and fifty Euro for it.

Nokia 3110

This GSM technology based phone came onto the market in 1997. It was the first of its kind to incorporate a built-in navigation system and it had its own little antenna. Collectors are crazy for this design and model and you can make up to three hundred Euro if you play your cards right on the exchange and sell market. The phone had a feature which allowed you to download wallpapers and and smart screensavers. It had a vibration alert feature as well as stereo radio and loudspeakers. It also incorporated voice memo and voice command keys which was something special. The phone came in three colours, black, pink and blue and those in the know are always looking out to buy this old mobile phone that stood the test of time.
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