Mom Buckles Baby In Carseat Improperly And Pays The Price.

For years, it’s been stated that when putting a baby or small child in their car seat, the seat must face the rear of the car. This is recommended until at least the age of two as a safety precaution, much like properly buckling your seatbelt. Not doing so can result in fatality, should the driver be involved in an automobile accident. Many parents know this rule, but many don’t, despite that fact that it is recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics and also written on the car seat itself or its original packaging.

An Unsuspecting Parent

For one mother named Holly, she had no idea that she was not following this simple rule and, therefore, putting her baby in danger. Even after sharing pictures on various social media sites, like Facebook, of her baby in the seat, no one bothered to correct her. She would get into the car, driving hundred of miles without the worry that anything was wrong. But it was!

When Tragedy Strikes

In 2014, this very situation that most parents worry about came true. When her infant son, Cameron, was still under 1 year old, he was riding along with her now ex-boyfriend in his vehicle when he ran a stop sign. Cameron was launched out of his seat and thrown through the windshield. It turns out, he was not buckled in correctly and facing the wrong way in his car seat. Sadly, Cameron passed away one day after Mother’s Day. Holly is now using the horrifying story as a way to help other parents learn about car safety for babies and children and prevent them from making a similar mistake and one that could cost them the life of their child.
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