Mom Charges Son A £21,000 Bill For The Year. The Extra Charge She Added Is Priceless!

Most children who are still supported by their parents will often take it for granted, not knowing just how much time and money goes to ensuring their every day life is comfortable. Expenses can add up quickly and if it’s not coming out of your own bank account, you may not even give a second thought to them. For one teen’s parents, they had had enough. They hit him with a bill that amounted to a whopping £21,000, nearly $40,000 Canadian!

Teaching Him a Lesson

The parents, who live in Ontario, needed to put their foot down and make a statement to their 23-year-old son who was not carrying his own weight around the house, essentially living rent free. Not only did he not help out, he didn’t contribute to any expenses that he took full advantage off, such as groceries and utilities, like water and electricity.
The young man made a posting on the news aggregate site, Reddit, that contained a photo of his yearly bill with a breakdown of each individual costs. Near the bottom of the bill was a hilarious $1000 charge for “being an **** and not appreciative of your mother’s support financially or otherwise”, a joke only a mother could get away with. Among the other charges on the extensive bill were for his five years of university schooling, his share of utilities, as well as payment to his mom for doing his laundry. The total of his bill came to $39,254.17 Canadian, or roughly £20,942.
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