More Than Meets The Eye: The Power Of Modern Makeup.

For hundreds of years, women have used the power of make-up to enhance their features, accentuate their physical characteristics and to exude a sense of social confidence. However, there have been many individuals in recent years that have criticised such habits as the results of poor self-esteem, insecurity or even self-hatred. These so-called act of "make-up shaming" has drawn a significant amount of attention and countless women have utilised the power of social media to fight back. Displaying the enhancements that the modern look can achieve, the has tag #ThePowerOfMakeup has been used by those women who hope to highlight before-and-after photos of their faces. Let's take a look at some stunning results that have been observed.

1 - Ablating the Acne

One of the principal reasons why many women use make-up is that it has the unique ability to adequately hide most minor blemishes. One look at some of the side-by-side photographs submitted by young females clearly illustrates this advantage. Not only will this provide a more uniform appearance, but we cannot deny that a blemish-free face provides levels of confidence that may not otherwise have been possible. So, say goodbye to the acne!

2 - All About the Eyes

Eye shadow, blush and eye liner are very popular types of make-up, as they are able to draw one's attention into the eyes of the wearer. Some tones provide a rather "smoky" look while other hues are intended to match the colour of the eye itself. Either way, the end result is something to behold. There are many who claim that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is indeed the case, why not make certain that these windows are sparkling and attractive? By only placing make-up on one side of the face, it is clear to see what a massive improvement this approach can make.

3 - To Freckle or Not to Freckle?

There are many women with lighter skin who have constantly battled against the presence of freckles; particularly after getting a good amount of sun. Although some are proud of these beauty marks, others desire a uniform appearance. Make-up is likewise able to hide freckles found upon the face. This is a great advantage for those who have been hoping to accentuate their eyes, nose or lips without having any freckles detract from their overall appearance.
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