Mum Creates Internet Sensation With Stunning Styles

An ordinary Australian mum has created an internet stir after sharing photos of amazingly intricate braiding she has created in her daughter’s hair.
Shelley Gifford from Melbourne designs the out-of-this-world styles herself and spends 15 to 20 minutes every day braiding them into her Grace’s hair before she heads off to school.
But after Shelley started posting images of her daughter’s incredible hairstyles to social media sites Instagram and Facebook her braiding has now reached a global audience and even attracted media attention.

Learning her art

While she has always loved braiding hair, Shelley used to only know how to complete two types of braid: French and Dutch.
It was when she stumbled across internet images of more types of plaiting that she realised what was possible and her passion took off from there.
Shelley began to build-up her hairstyling repertoire by watching video tutorials and attending special braiding and ‘up-do’ workshops.
She now challenges herself to learn new types of braiding and creates her own unique designs as often as possible.

Family time together

Her daughter Grace reaps the benefits of her mum’s passion and now rarely attends school without a dazzling hair-do.
Of course, school mornings are hectic in most households and Shelley admits that sometimes there just is not enough time to style Grace’s hair every single day, but she still tries to manage it most days. The whole family enjoys this unusual morning ritual, with Shelley’s son George watching on as his mum magically turns Grace’s hair into a work of art. Shelley’s husband also helps out by making her some coffee. Grace takes the chance to enjoy some quiet time before school and is even allowed to watch TV while she is being worked on.
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