Nail Masks Help Improve The Health And Appearance Of Nails

Day-to-day life can have a detrimental effect on nails, with poor nutrition, ill health, extremes of weather, cosmetic procedures and poor self-grooming habits all contributing to a range of nail complaints. Whether it is dry, dull, rigid nails or brittle, cracked, flaky nails that are the problem the regular use of nail masks can remedy a range of nail and cuticle disorders while improving their overall appearance. While there are a variety of excellent nail masks available on the market from cosmetics companies it is also possible to create homemade nail masks from common materials found about the house. The commercially available masks consist of slots made from materials such as cotton that are pre-soaked with the nail care substance and designed to fit the fingertips. Homemade nail masks do not consist of pre-treated pouches but are concocted from household ingredients and typically applied via the tips of rubber gloves.

Sally's Box Friendly Milk Nail Mask

The complex formula for the lotion used in Sally's Box Friendly Milk Nail Mask is specially formulated to strengthen and repair damaged nails, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and conditioned. The cream with which the masks are pre-treated contains protein-rich goats milk extract which invigorate nails as well as glycerin which helps keep nails hydrated.Sally's Box Friendly Milk Nail Mask The citrus oils extracted from grapefruit, lemons, limes and oranges present in the lotion invigorates nails and provides lasting protection from wear and tear. The cream also contains grape and apple extract which is rich in antioxidants that tackle cuticle-damaging free radicals. Hands should be washed and dried before removing the nail masks from their packaging and placing them on the fingertips. Fifteen minutes should be sufficient time for the nail masks to do their job and absorption of the lotion can be assisted by massaging the masked fingertips.

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