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Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Bathroom And Kitchen


Lemon juice

Not only is the citric acid in lemon juice great for dissolving dirt and grease, it also leaves your home with a natural fresh scent. Lemon juice is ideal for dissolving soap scum in the bathroom as well as water stains, which makes it the perfect bathroom cleaning solution. Another great benefit of lemon juice is that it cuts unpleasant odours and degreases areas of the kitchen and bathroom at the same time as whitening. This helps make bathroom and kitchen surfaces to look white, bright and new even if they are several years old. To get the most out of lemon juice as a cleaner, pour it into a spray bottle with a little olive oil and shake the bottle well. Spray the solution onto the areas you want to clean and watch it work its magic.

Coffee Grounds

Now there is one more reason to save your coffee grounds rather than throwing them away. The rough texture of coffee grounds makes them ideal to use to scrub dishes without causing them harm. This is ideal for fine china and other dishes that feature a delicate pattern. Simply place a couple of teaspoons of dry coffee grounds onto a square cleaning rag. Make sure that you wrap up the end of the rag securely by using a rubber band so that the coffee grounds do not spill out. You can now use your special scrubbing brush to scour pots, pans and dishes that feature stubborn stains. Another great thing about coffee grounds is that they absorb other smells. Soaking smelly cutting boards in a solution of coffee grounds will make them fresh once more, while placing coffee grounds in a bowl in the refrigerator will absorb odours.

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