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Chaos in the Restaurant

Makenzie and Steven Schultz from Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the US are no ordinary couple. They recently stunned the world with their actions when they decided to go out for dinner at their favourite Sushi restaurant. Unluckily for them, they chose a night to dine that just happened to be incredibly busy and when they got to the restaurant they had a rather unpleasant surprise. They were shown to a table and told it would take 90 minutes for their food to be served! As expected, other guests in the restaurant were in a similar situation and the general ambience wasn't very pleasant at all. Instead of tucking into delicious Sushi, people were discussing the ridiculous waiting times for their food and generally complaining about the slow service.
Conversations were loud and the waiting staff, who were doing their best to manage the situation, were drawn into listening to customers ranting about the poor service. It's not surprising, therefore, that people were getting up to leave in droves. Makenzie and Steven sat at their table for a while, observing what was going on and deciding what to do next. Clearly, they could either wait for their food or they could walk out just as everyone else was doing. They were shown to a table and As they watched the waiting staff looking stressed and harassed, they talked over their options. What they did next was so surprising that their story went viral on Facebook and now people all over the world are starting to react to their very surprising decision when faced with this challenging situation on their night out.

A Big Surprise for the Waitress

Makenzie and Steven decided to wait for their food to be served and, after they'd finished their meal, they left the waitress who'd served them with a huge tip for $100!!!! This has shocked the world and people are wondering why anyone would leave such a huge tip after suffering such terrible service. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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