New High-Protein Beer May Bulk You Up.

An incredible new beer has gone on sale in the UK that claims to have the same high protein content as a sirloin steak. But the extra protein has not sacrificed any other the alcoholic content, remaining the same as a regular lager, which, for gym goers who love a good pint, is fantastic news.

Super Beer?

Though the beer boasts a boost in protein, the aptly named “Barbell Brew” actually contains 33% fewer calories than most regular beer. If this is any indication of the future, beer bellies could soon become a thing of the past.
The benefits don’t stop there, however. The beer is also gluten free and contains 85% fewer carbs than regular lager, making this brew almost like a health tonic.

Perfect For the Health Crowd

No beer that touts this much appeal hasn’t done some form of market research, though. Online fitness retailer spent 3 months taste-testing the muscle building beer ahead of its launch this week. The brewery behind the beverage hopes that this beer, which is 3.6% ABV, will sell well to the fitness and health conscious demographic who can also appreciate a good pint or two. The consensus is that leading a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially when you want to go out for drinks with friend. Barbell Brew will look to fill in the gap, allowing people to drink without the guilt of packing on the pounds. If people can get a six-pack by drinking a six-pack, they’ve got themselves a hit.

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