Nine Things We Have Probably Done Wrong All Our Lives.

Here are nine things that you have more than likely been doing wrong all your life and the right way to do them:

1. Wear Earphones By Coiling Them Over The Ear

Does your earphone keep sliding out of your ear? It’s annoying at any time, but really frustrating when jogging. Between the wind and bouncing up and down, you have to adjust the earpiece every few minutes. And if it slips out altogether when listening to your favourite song, you have to stop to put it back in. Just when you had a good rhythm going. Next time you use your earphone, try wrapping the wire around your ear. It’s as easy as that and it costs nothing.

2. Turn the Soda Can Tab Around When Using A Straw

A lot of people use a straw to drink soda from a can because it helps the sugar bypass their teeth. Unfortunately, the straw bobs about all over the place when you try to take a sip and leaks out of the top. This simple trick will change your soda-drinking life. After you pull the tab of the can to open it, spin the tab around and put your straw through the small hole. It will hold the straw in place, preventing it from moving around and causing a mess.
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