Now You See It, Now You Don't - 10 Optical Illusions That Will Make You Blink Twice.


1 - Regina Silveira's illusory art

Brazilian born artist extraordinaire, Regina Silveira, is renowned for her illusory masterpieces, and has enjoyed fame and fortune from her unusual use of dimension and depth. Using these components as inspiration, she created an abstract canvas which makes you feel like you're walking around an architectural alleyway. She drew her inspiration from an exhibition gallery layout in Lodz, Poland, incorporating the attractive arch-style window panes to further enhance volume and width to her display. Her perception of space piece, is a blend of strategically placed shadows and grooves which give the appearance that it is a solid commodity. She claims she first became interested in working with illusionary concepts as fine examples of contemporary art, as far back as the 90's. One thing's for sure. This photo bears testimony to her unique style which is sure to leave a lasting impression on art lovers the world over.

2 - The San Boldo Pass in Italy

This amazing shot has not been photo-shopped and was taken by Giancarlo Rado. This unbelievable scene depicts a local shepherd leading his sheep herd through the narrow tunnels and restricted lane ways at the famous San Boldo Pass located in Italy. The San Boldo Pass is notoriously dangerous with its single lane that only allows for one way traffic. There are many traffic light systems in operation there, and there are five tunnels that have been carved from the rock. The pass is situated at the foot of the Alps and sees crossings of shepherds with their sheep become congested. Apart from its incredulous beauty, this snap might make us all think twice about complaining the next time we get stuck in rush hour traffic.

3 - The Blue angel air formation

The Blue angels are an aerobatic flying formation team, and this incredible image was captured recently at one of their air displays. At first glance, your eyes will tell you this image had to have been tampered with, as several sets of layering wings seem to be attached to only one plane body. On closer inspection, you'll see it's just an optical illusion caused by the sheer speed and close proximity of the planes as they glide through the air strutting their stuff. The Blue Angel Company of specially trained pilots, perform these air rituals on a regular basis. We can't help but marvel at their incredible accuracy and skill.
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