One Match Is All It Took To Set Off This Epic Stunt!

There’s something extremely satisfying about lighting a match. Once it’s stuck against the matchbook, it lights up with a spark and creates a pleasant aroma, but it’s one that lasts only briefly. So, imagine if you could intensify that strange satisfaction, maybe even multiply it by the thousands… This person did just that and in the most epic way possible. Plus, it was all caught on camera for your enjoyment!

How It Was Done

After creating a base that held an incredible 6000 matches, the forest of matches was lit from one corner. With the matches spaced so close together, the flame caught on and created a domino effect that almost looked like a wave of fire was passing over each flame. That very flame traveled from one corner to the opposite in a matter of seconds until all the matches were lit up at once. But unlike a single match that fizzles out quickly, this fire lasted quite some time, going strong until it finally died out after nearly 15 minutes. What was left was a pile of ash, as even the wooden matchsticks themselves caught on fire, not just the flammable tips.
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