Ordinary People Having The Worse Day Ever


1. Not even the best parenting instincts could have predicted this

This man’s parenting instincts are put to the question when it comes to predicting the moment when his newborn son lets a stream of poop loose. When the British dad was interviewed by Today newspaper, he told them that he had the feeling his baby was about to poo. After all, if you are cradling a naked newborn, there is an inherent risk of getting pooped on any time. This is what every parent would expect to happen to them in a changing room, but not at a photo shoot. The professional photographer has captured the very moment the newborn baby pooped on his father’s arm. This picture got the tabloids speaking for a few days after the unfortunate event.

2. This girl is totally unaware that her hair is on fire

It’s a little get-together involving three women and some candles on the table. One of the girls is looking straight at the camera without noticing that her hair is on fire. The moment this photo is taken, we can see her other friends gasping with horror as they are about to let her know what is happening. This is not a funny picture as the consequences can be quite damaging. We can’t help but feel sorry for the girl whose hair is on fire.

3. Flooded urinals

In this photo, a flooded urinals has caused an unlucky guy to unclog its drain by standing on one of the sinks. The man in the photo is a soldier (probably on duty) who only wanted to visit the gentlemen’s when this unfortunate event happened to him. He was obviously in the right place at the wrong time and by the looks of this picture, he is not doing a good job of trying to unclog the drain as we see a pool of urine and other unsightly things on the entire toilet floor.
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