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What hides beneath

It's often said that being a parent is the hardest job you'll ever do, perhaps because there are so many practical and emotional tasks and responsibilities. One of those tasks is ensuring that your child's environment is clean and that anything they put in their mouths is regularly sterilised. But one Canadian father recently expressed his shock at what happened when he took apart the lid of his son's drinking cup, after wondering why the little boy was getting ill so often. The answer appears to be that inside was an admittedly revolting layer of goo. The father's experience soon spread via social media, and it seems that parents have been sharing similar comments about the same brand of cup for some time, recommending that other parents throw out these cups.

Is there a problem?

The company's response was allegedly dismissive when the father raised his concerns, although they insist that the cup is perfectly safe when cleaning instructions are followed properly. According to them the problem arises when the wrong kind of drinks are used in the cup. If it's only used for the right liquids, and cleaned regularly, there should be no issues such as the mould the Canadian dad found. So are such social media posts a good way of raising awareness, or can they cause unnecessary alarm?

Warnings and worries

Warnings spread very quickly on social media, and can undoubtedly be a useful tool for getting information out there. But the problem is that parents can quickly feel alarmed and worry that they have somehow harmed their child, even with such a thing as a simple baby cup that is supposed to help their child learn to drink alone. Each such "alert" is one more thing to worry about, at a time when parents are probably still sleep-deprived and should be enjoying their child.
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