Passenger Films Emergency Landing After Cabin Fills With Smoke

A British tourist captured the terrifying mid-air drama on his mobile phone when passengers were told there was a problem and to prepare for an emergency water landing. Ethan Williams started filming when he noticed something was wrong on the Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.
Speaking into the camera, the 25-year-old events manager describes how the cabin crew were “running around like crazy” and that warning signs were going off. In a calm voice, he said: “I’m not sure what’s happening but there’s something happening on this flight.” Mr Willams, from Bristol, videoed the frantic scenes on board the Boeing 777 as the 276 frightened passengers prepared for the worst after the cabin filled with smoke. He’s heard to say: “Hopefully it’s not anything too bad and we’ll be alright.”
He tells how a voice over the speaker system told passengers that the plane would be making an emergency landing and they might have to make “an emergency breach”.
Shortly after, crew members are heard telling passengers to take their shoes off and put their yellow life jackets on. The video shows Mr Williams putting his life jacket over his head and other passengers around the cabin with their life jackets on. As the plane descends, passengers are told what to do when they hear the word “brace”. Mr Williams tells the camera: “I hope my brace position is good.”
Soon after, passengers are relieved to hear an announcement that the plane would be making a normal landing and not a water landing. As the plane descended rapidly, Mr Williams’ camera phone shoots fuel being dumped.
The frightening ordeal came to an end when the passenger jet diverted to a remote US air base in Alaska. As the plane landed safely at Eareckson Air Station, the passengers gave a huge sigh of relief and a round of applause. Continuing to film, a delighted Mr Williams tells the camera: “We've landed – yes! Still don't know why, but we're down.” A few hours later, the passengers and 18 crew members were picked up by another Cathay Pacific plane and flown on to Los Angeles.
Mr Williams put his four minute-long edited video on YouTube where it has been seen by more than 250,000 people.
According to Cathay Pacific, a preliminary investigation has revealed that the problem involved a cooling fan, beneath the cabin floor, which malfunctioned and created smoke. An airline spokesman said: “Safety will always remain our top priority and we will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of this incident.”

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