Pit Bull Legend Of Aggression - Is It True Or False?


Family pets

Greg Heynen decided to take the plunge and get married. His wife already owned a dog called Zack, a cross between a Pit Bull and a Labrador. Greg also had a dog of his own and so the couple started off married life bringing the two together. Greg admits readily, that he already had reservations about Zack, knowing the dogs reputation for being aggressive and hostile. Although the dog hadn't displayed any of those traits, he didn't like him. Zack didn't seem too bothered about this. The couple had a daughter and Greg expressed his concerns to his wife about his precious daughter being around Zack. He felt uneasy about it and was fearful that the dog might attack her. He told his wife, unequivocally, that he'd insist on the dog leaving if he so much as growled at their beautiful baby daughter, but Greg was in for a big shock.

A touching tribute

Zack took an immediate liking to the new-born. Over time, he became very protective of her and the two became firm friends. When it was the daughter's bedtime, Zack somehow intuitively knew, so he'd wait at the bottom of the stairs for the daughter to go on up first. Then he'd follow her and fall asleep beside her on the bed. Five happy years passed, until one day they found Zack dead; he'd been poisoned by a nasty neighbour. The family were devastated by the loss, none more so than the daughter who had come to love Zack so much. Sam, the other dog seemed to sense her pain and duly stepped up to the plate. He waited at the foot of the stairs and patted it with his paw, before the daughter went to bed. He continued to do this until he too, passed away. Sometimes, animals can exude more love and loyalty than actual human beings.
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