Pit Bull Legend Of Aggression - Is It True Or False?


About Pit Bull dogs

The Pit Bull breed frequently comes in for some very bad press. We've all read some horror story about how vicious and aggressive they can be. Dogs like humans, have their own distinctive personalities and generalizing never bodes well for either. Pit Bulls get a hard time of it because of reports in the press. However, these incidents of aggression are rare and just as likely to be a reality with any other breed. The truth about Pit Bulls is they are very powerful, and despite rumours that they have locking jaws, they don't. Because they are determined and large in size, they tend to become very enthusiastic about what grabs their attention; hence the bad reputation. Dogs are as passive or aggressive as they are conditioned to be. Just like humanoids, if their primary carers are cruel and violent, the dog is more likely to copy these traits.

Proper parenting

When taking on a family pet like a dog, owners need to understand the commitment they are making. Just because a dog is an animal, doesn't mean the responsibility to it is any less important than that of a small child. A dog needs to be taught how to obey rules, how to behave in social circumstances and it has to be chastised when it does something that is unacceptable. Training a dog takes a great deal of time, patience, compassion and insight, and no matter what breed it is, or what heritage it has, it can be conditioned to be gentle in nature and disposition. Pit Bulls have a legacy of being violent attackers, growling and assaulting anything that moves in its path, but we discovered a story that puts that myth to rest once and for all.
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