Police Officer Shows Amazing Kindness To Homeless Man

With all of the negativity that seems to dominate the news, it's hardly surprising that tales of the kindness of strangers have become so popular. Hardly a week goes by without a story of generosity spreading rapidly around the internet, bringing warm feelings and optimism. One such story took place in 2013, and shows how people can go the extra mile to help others in times of need.

A Freezing Winter Storm

In a wonderful show of kindness, a homeless man in El Paso, Texas received unexpected help and generosity when he took shelter in a branch of the home improvement store Lowe's. The 83-year-old, named as Charles Holder, had entered the store in tattered shoes and thin clothing to find warmth during an icy winter storm, when the temperature had fallen below freezing and almost three inches of snow lay on the ground.

A Great Bunch of People

Holder described customers and employees of the store as ”a great bunch of people” and ”very humane”, after they pulled out all the stops to make sure he was safe from the extreme weather outside. When the store staff asked Holder if there was anything they could do to help him, he responded by asking if he could stay inside until the store closed, as he had nowhere else to go. But they did more than that to help him.

The Kindness of Strangers

First, Holder, who had not had anything to eat in severl days, was offered food by the employees and customers. He turned down these offers, telling them he was on a diet. He also declined a $20 bill that was offered to him by a customer. Next, the people helping Holder managed to find a shelter to take him in for the night, but because of the bad weather it was difficult to find transportation to take him there. The only thing left to do was call the police...CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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