Popular Toppings For The Yummy Snack Dorayaki Nutella

People the world over are going nuts for Dorayaki Nutella. This is an East-Meets-West variation on a traditional Japanese pastry. Dorayaki are made from two small pancakes stuck together with a paste made from azuki beans. In a fun twist on the classic recipe, many people like to replace the beans with Nutella. And it’s not just kids that love this scrumptious sandwich pancake made with the world-famous hazelnut-chocolate spread. Sweet-toothed adults have also given the tasty treat their seal of approval. They’re a perfect yummy on-the-go snack for a lunchbox, for breakfast, to munch on during a round of golf, to wolf down while watching TV or as a quickie dessert. They are phenomenal on their own stuffed with creamy Nutella and for true yummiliciousness, add a topping. Here are some ideas that are sure to get you drooling. Here goes…

Drizzle with Sugar and Lemon

Dorayakis are simple to make, though shaping them into equal sized discs is the tough part; however, after some practice, it will be a piece of cake. After the pancakes have cooled, open the jar of Nutella and spread a generous amount on one pancake slice, then cover with the other slice and pinch the edges of the discs together. The finished Dorayakis can be stored in an airtight container for several days before eating – if you can wait that long. You could make them at night ready to eat for breakfast the next morning. Drizzling lemon and sugar over the top is a traditional favourite for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent’s 40 days of fasting. People made pancakes with the leftovers they wouldn’t be eating over the next 40 days. As an alternative, try fresh orange juice and sugar.

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