Possibly The Most Incredible Personal Trainer On The Planet


An unusual approach to personal training

Losing weight can be a real battle no matter what tactics you decide to employ. Perhaps you'll go on a diet, hit the gym, or you might even employ the services of a personal trainer. Teacher Alissa Kane decided to do the latter and signed up with professional trainer Adonis Hill in a quest to do battle against her bulge.

She got a little more than she bargained for, however, when Adonis, aged 35 and from Brooklyn, really identified with Alissa's predicament as, just 6 years earlier, he'd been 45 lbs overweight and battling with depression.

When Alissa came to Adonis, she weighed 140 lbs and was desperate to lose the weight that was making her really miserable.

After talking to her, Adonis realised Alissa would need a real helping hand, so he decided to adopt a very unusual strategy that most personal trainers would be shocked to hear! Adonis actually piled on the pounds prior to starting Alissa's training just so he could help her to lose weight by doing it with her!Despite doctors warning him that this would be dangerous to his health, he put on 70 lbs by gorging himself on 8,000 calories a day and was well on the way to completing his weight gain goal, all to help Alissa. The whole story was captured on TV in A&E's show From Fit to Fat to Fit and has captured the imagination of thousands of people, not only those who are struggling to lose weight!

Where there's a will there's a way

Adonis' story goes back to when he was 27 when, sadly, his business failed and he became overwhelmed with depression. That was when his weight mushroomed as he felt his hopes and dreams had all been washed away but, determined to get himself back on track, he took up walking then running and, in 2 years, his weight gain had all disappeared. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...

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