Pregnant Dog Discovered Beneath Steps Of Residential Building.

Inhabitants of a residential building in western Russia were disturbed by peculiar smells and strange noises near the entrance of the apartment complex in which they lived. A local man, after receiving no assistance from local authorities to investigate the source of the sounds and odour, took matters into his own hands and removed the segment of pavement near the entrance steps to get a better look. To the astonishment of the man, named Vadim Rustam, and his spectators there was a dog living in a hole beneath the steps which was duly rescued from its place of entrapment.

Maintenance work performed to repair sinkhole caused by aquifer.

The incident occurred in the city of Voronezh, located in the central belt of European Russia, and followed some maintenance work that had been performed on the building by the city council some weeks before.
A crater, resulting from subsurface erosion caused by an aquifer in the vicinity, had appeared beneath the concrete steps by the entrance of the building and was posing a hazard to residents who petitioned local authorities to repair the damage. It is thought that the dog became trapped in the hole after said chasm was paved over during maintenance work.

Local man takes matters into his own hands.

Although residents alerted the city council of the mysterious activities beneath the concrete steps of their building all requests for help were refused. The cost of removing and repairing the pavement, when it was uncertain whether or not anything was trapped beneath the surface, was not one that local authorities were willing to pay. Considering the chance that an animal was imprisoned underground and that the oxygen supply would soon expire in such conditions Vadim decided that if the council would not investigate the disturbance then he would do so himself.
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