Preserve The Power Of Your Liver With Raisin Water: Here's How.

While many believe cooking to be more of an art form within the kitchen, it is also the case that many of the foods prepared here can have extremely beneficial effects in terms of balancing our bodily health. An example can be the treatment or alleviation of a specific ailment. While raisins have been known as sweet treats to be placed within pannetone and other delicacies, the water contained within these tasty delights has been shown to have massively beneficial effects in regards to the liver. Alongside the kidneys, our liver is responsible for numerous functions relating to metabolism, glycogen storage, protein synthesis and the removal of toxins from our bodies. It also purifies the blood and helps to balance out digestive processes. It should therefore be clear that the liver is essential to our very survival. How can raisins help this important organ?

The Basics of Raisin Water

All "hard" science aside, raisin water has been used for decades by those who are conscious of their health. Normally, this water is taken for four consecutive days out of the month. It is believed that both digestion and energy levels are positively affected. Most medical professionals agree that if taken in the morning before the day begins, raisin water offers additional benefits such as lowering levels of triglycerides (a type of cholesterol) and alleviating constipation. Much of this has to do with the vitamin and mineral content found within the raisins themselves. It should also be noted that raisins contain a large amount of substances known as flavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants which help to prevent the emergence of free radicals within the body. This water is also able to help the production of gastric juices. These are directly involved with our normal digestive processes. Perhaps this is why raisins were featured so prominently in the painting of Bacchus?

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