Prince Harry And Pippa Middleton Were Discovered Kissing In A Bathroom On The Day Of The Royal Wedding - By Kate!

There has been speculation for several years about a possible relationship between Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, the younger brother and sister at the fairytale occasion of the Royal Wedding, where everything was arranged to perfection. The pair, who have been the subject of so many rumours, are sometimes seen as ugly ducklings, the less favoured relatives of the more fortunate pair who made, and still make, the perfect couple. Perhaps that is why the tabloid press around the world has always found it a tantalising idea to imagine them together and create an alternative royal couple.

A three month secret romance

Now, four years after the royal wedding, OK! magazine has published what it calls an exclusive worldwide scoop, information that up to now it has chosen not to reveal. According to their sources, Pippa and Harry really did get together a few years ago at the royal wedding. On the fateful day, Pippa became almost as famous as her sister, both for her beauty and her svelte backside in her clingy white bridesmaid’s dress, that was snapped by the hundreds of paparazzi at the scene and rapidly became something of a cult object.

William and Kate immediately expressed their disapproval of the relationship

According to OK! the then third-in-line to the British throne ( now further down the pecking order thanks to the arrival of Prince George and Princess Charlotte) and the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge first had a secret relationship lasting just three months, a romance that was bitterly opposed by both William and Kate. The chemistry between the two was apparent as soon as they met and they flirted throughout the reception.
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