Putting The Bite Back Into Water Conservation.

Water is the most precious resource on the planet. Unfortunately, many of us tend to forget this while in the shower. Whether singing away for dozens of minutes or forgetting the troubles of they day while a relaxing stream pours over our shoulders and neck, we can waste quite a bit of this substance whether intentionally or not. Barring the need to physically cut off the supply after a certain amount of time, there are other methods which may prove to be just as effective. One approach has been developed by artist Elisabeth Beucher.

Highlighting Problems in an Interesting Way

Many will view this spiky shower curtain as much more of a "hands-on" reminder in terms of water conservation. Indeed, it is a known fact that showers are one of the largest causes of wasted water around the home. As opposed to losing gallons of this precious resource down the drain, why not actively remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to help the environment? This curtain aims to do just this.

Bring out the Spikes

This spiky shower curtain is certainly something quite novel within the bathroom industry. While not necessarily the type of spikes that we would see within an adventure film, there rubberised presence is just as real. They function much like a normal shower timer would. After approximately four minutes, the spikes begin to grow; eventually extending out into the shower space. In doing so, they make it tough for the individual to continue his or her aquatic escapades. They will serve to remind us that water literally does not grow on trees. By leaving the shower quicker, litres of water can be saved each and every day.

Practical or Making a Statement?

Many of us will wonder if this spiky shower curtain is meant for practical use or it is intended as a simple reminder or the current water woes. Even Ms. Beucher herself has few illusions regarding this question. She states that as opposed to having stumbled upon a new marketing ploy, the curtain is intended to spark debate around the issue of water conservation. All politics aside, it is just as likely that children will find the rubber spikes a great deal of fun; perhaps envisioning them as a sort of shower "forest". In turn, this may actually encourage young ones to develop a better sense of hygiene.

Realistic Goals?

Dubbed "My Shower is a Green Warrior", it s not likely that this novel curtain will make the top ten per cent of bathroom sales this year. However, the intention behind its creation is still very valid. We can even go as far as saying that this may very well be the first "transformational" curtain in existence. Of course, colours of blue and green could also work quite well in bathrooms that exhibit the same hues. As the intentions of this artist seem to be altruistic as opposed to money-oriented, the message that it sends out is more important than sales figures alone.

Regions of the world such as the United States and the Mediterranean have been grappling with water issues for decades. With climate change gaining momentum and more areas succumbing to prolonged periods of drought, such innovative ideas are welcome changes. This spiky shower curtain can therefore come in handy for anyone who may have trouble emerging from their aquatic bliss after a long day at the office. It will be very interesting to see the amount of success that this unique item enjoys in the future.

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