Q-Tip Cotton Buds - Five New Ways To Put Them To Use

Do this twice a week and gradually you will see your teeth improve in shade and whiteness. Not only will you have pearly whites in no time, but you'll have saved a fortune by not having to get professional whitening done at the dental clinic.

Touch-up hair roots

Most of us colour our hair whether it's grey or not, and whether you have yours done professionally or colour in from a box in the supermarket, the colour often doesn't last longer than 6 - 8 weeks.
Touch-up hair roots
Hair follicles grow about half an inch per month so no matter how good your permanent colour is, the roots are going to show your original shade. Roots that are a different colour to the rest of your hair can really ruin your whole appearance, and often it's a case when you just can't afford another trip to the hairdressing salon for another few weeks. However, you can do something to tide you over till the next appointment. Take a cotton wool bud and dab it in some eye-shadow that resembles your overall cover. Use the Q-tip to colour in those areas which are growing new roots. Even though it's only a temporary measure, this actually works. The eye-shadow will wash out easily the next day when you can complete the process all over again.

Top up your tan

Shop-bought tanning kits are all the rage these days. Some of them are so good that you can't see the difference between a professional tanning session and a home-done one. Tanning booths do have the last word though because the spray-tan machines naturally cover every nook and cranny, eliminating the needs for hands-on applications. Apart from the obvious expense incurred when visiting a professional tanning salon, busy schedules may restrict your time, and the shop-bought tanning system becomes a better option all round.

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